When we look at most of the products we consume,  we notice a lot of technical terms and too many ingredients. For the majority of us, none of it makes sense without a vulgarisation from an expert in a lab. But, let’s be honest, no one has time for that.

Simplicity is very important to me. That’s partly why we offer natural mono-ingredients and promote the benefits of a single ingredient. It allows us to focus on the quality, authenticity and purity of the product. 

For economic reasons, most of the cosmetic brands on the market use refined ingredients. That means that the original texture, smell and colour are taken away which makes a neutral marketable product. It leaves no place for imperfections and alters the components and natural benefits of the ingredients.

I believe we should seek authenticity instead of perfection. The ultimate goal is to solve a problem (e.g heal and nourish your skin), not changing the gifts provided by nature. So my tip is: always look for products made of natural unrefined ingredients. Also, less is more. I’m all for a short ingredient list.

D Toure.

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