description baobab oil

Even if you haven’t heard of baobab oil, you might recognize the tree it comes from. The baobab tree has a tall, thick trunk and looks like it’s upside down with its roots in the air. This fruit tree grows in the southern countries of Africa, such as Malawi, Kenya, and Madagascar. The scientific name for the baobab tree is Adansonia digitata. In Africa, people call it “the tree of life” and “pharmacy tree” because of its many uses, including for baobab oil. The Baobab tree is able to live for thousands of years and is renowned in Africa, its country of origin, for its beneficial properties. Extracted from the seeds of the baobab fruit the oil is abundant in essential fatty acids.

Our pure unrefined and cold pressed Baobab oil comes from Senegal. It is chemical free, vegan and non-tested on animals. With its slight nutty odour, this oil absorbs well and moisturizes the skin and hair in depth.


Capacity: 30ml

Dimensions: 90mm x 33mm x 33mm

Weight: Net: 25g, Gross:90g

Baobab seed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can benefit your skin and hair. You can find it in many commercial products for face, hair and Skincare routine . Pure baobab oil can be used as a moisturizer and hair treatment, but do a patch test to make sure it’s right for you.